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I have spent some time now searching for the perfect recurve bow size. I’ve tested some recurve bows, based on my arm length. Some of them were too big, some of them were alright and some of them a little too short. But what size of recurve bow is right for you?

The shorter recurve bows were the worst because my accuracy was not so good compared with the other two types. The draw length of the shorter recurve bow was going much further when I pull it. As I was over-pulling it, my accuracy was lost.

Now the problem that I noticed with the longer recurve bow is that I wasn’t pulling it enough, because my arms were too short for the bigger bow. As a result, the arrow wasn’t fast enough. It didn’t have the amount of strength that was needed.

So.. after trying a few bows, the best size for me was a 68-inch recurve bow. My aim and accuracy were much better with it. I could pull it and hold it back at the right pulling length. To pull and hold back the bow without shaking it has to do also with the right draw weight. To learn more about draw weight click here.

So how to measure what size of recurve bow is right for you? It’s easy actually so don’t get confused. It’s based on your arm’s length.

How to Measure your arm length

To find this, stand tall with your hands open at shoulder height like you are going to hug someone. Don’t overextend them. Now measure the distance from one arm to the other. Measure it from the tips of your fingers.
After you find the number, divide it by 2.5 and the result will be your draw length. And based on that number you can find what size of recurve bow is right for you.

Below is the recommended chart for recurve bows:

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